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Giants sign Jimmy Rollins

Just think of how exciting this would have been three years ago!

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
What this picture seems to be telling me is that Jimmy Rollins was on the White Sox last year?
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

For those of you who woke up this morning still fretting about the disastrous implications of a seemingly eternal Ehire Adrianza backup shortstopency, the Giants made a move for you:

It’s a minor league deal, so don’t pencil him in for that spot on the roster just yet. It’s entirely possible he shows up to Spring Training, shows he has nothing left, and gets released. Rollins is coming off an awful year where he hit .221/.295/.329 for the White Sox and was released in June. He was almost as bad the previous year for the Dodgers, hitting .224/.285/.358, which is excellent work that we should all appreciate, but the Giants are probably looking for him to be a bit better than that if he’s going to make the roster.

Here are the obligatory facts about Jimmy Rollins which must be included in an article about him related to the Giants: He is from Alameda, he is 38 years old, he was the 2007 NL MVP, and he won the 2008 World Series with the Phillies.

This is a classic Giants signing, in that they’re taking a player who was once very good and seeing if he has just a little more left in the tank to help them win. It worked with Pat Burrell, it kinda worked with Ryan Theriot, it didn’t work with Dan Uggla or Jeff Francoeur, and now they’re giving it another shot. Welcome, Jimmy Rollins. Feel free to get a bunch of walk-off hits off Kenley Jansen.