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Chroncast Special: 2016 Farm Recap

The Giants have figured out how to develop position players. Nothing about this year makes any sense.

Arroyo. He's a guy.
Arroyo. He's a guy.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Roger Munter's return coincides with the end of the Giants' season. We all look back at how the team's top prospects fared in a competitive 2016 season and try to figure out when some of these guys will make it to the major leagues and if their arrivals will coincide with a sudden, glaring need or serve to bolster depth.

Is Christian Arroyo the next great Giants prospect? We spend a lot of time talking about the guy who made Matt Duffy expendable. Is he really worth all the fuss?

Meanwhile, Does the quickly worsening outfield situation have a solution in any number of outfielders down on the farm? And what's happening with the pitching? Are the Giants doomed to an eternity of 2016 bullpens or is hope just a quick drive from Sacramento?

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