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Buy this Conor Gillaspie shirt

It goes over your body and keeps you warm, stylish, and within the boundaries of polite society, all at the same time.

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Hello, and welcome to another year of even-year nonsense. One of the things you had probably forgotten is just how expensive they can be. There are the postseason tickets, all of the gear you buy everyone for the holidays, the Blu-rays ... it adds up.

But you should still buy this Conor Gillaspie shirt. Probably because you need it. Probably because you aren’t a true fan until you have one.

It’s an homage to Conor Gillaspie with a wink toward Travis Ishikawa at the same time. It’s officially licensed by the MLBPA, so it’s a way to tip Gillaspie at the same time.

More importantly, it’s a way to tip me. Because I will get some of your money, which I will spend on goods and services. Most of it goes to the good folks at Breaking T, but that’s probably because they make great shirts. Like this one of Conor Gillaspie.

Buy this Conor Gillaspie shirt, he wrote in a sentence, totally anticipating this moment years ago.

Buy this shirt.