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Name the 2016 San Francisco Giants

Either you have a photographic memory, or there’s at least one player you’re going to forget.

Here's your freebie.
Here's your freebie.
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Editor’s note: I’m traveling to Not Los Angeles for just a couple more days, which means I’ll have limited time to work on longer features. I will make it up to you soon, when there will be thousands and thousands of dumb hot stove rumors, I promise!

I hate these quizzes. I love these quizzes. I hate them because of course I know all of the 2016 San Francisco Giants. We’ve all hung out for hundreds and hundreds of hours. We’ve yelled and screamed at each other, given each other gifts, fought and made up.

And I forgot five of them. Two of whom were with the team most of the year. One of whom I’ve written about extensively within the last two weeks.

I love them because, hey, free quiz.

NO CHEATING. Don’t be that person. And when you forget Buster Posey, it’s your duty to wander into the comments sheepishly and admit your failures to everyone.

Note: Tony Sanchez didn't actually appear in a game, so try harder.