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McCovey Chroncast #42: The Gordon Beckham Era begins

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The Giants are 5-1 since trading for Gordon Beckham at the end of the season. Will the Giants' hot streak continue into the Wild Card Game against the New York Mets? Only Gordon Beckham knows.

Buster Posey clears a path for Gordon Beckham's arrival.
Buster Posey clears a path for Gordon Beckham's arrival.
Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a calamitous second half filled with failure and frustration, the Giants find themselves as the National League's second Wild Card. Recently, on this very podcast and on this very website, it's been said that this is the most dislikable Giants team in recent memory strictly because of their performance.

Well now it's playoff time so we're all changing our tune, right? The Giants are good, the Giants are great, we surrender our will as of this date. Doug and I talk abut the wild week that brought them to this point. There was a t-shirt, a surprise trade, some wrestling moves, and Ty Blach. None of those things seemingly go together and yet here we are, again, talking about the Giants in the playoffs.

Sure, it's just a one game playoff where anything can happen, and the Giants and Mets have typically experienced some wackiness whenever they've matched up, but whereas Bryan is willing to use past events to predict Wednesday's outcome, Doug things there are many key factors that give the Giants the advantage. And then there's that whole thing about the Giants getting payback -- FINALLY -- for the Bobby J. Jones game back in 2000.

In the meantime, we answer your Twitter questions and try to determine if Doug's prediction that the 2016 Giants would win mid-80s number of games means that he nailed his prediction or simply was the closest between the two of us without going over (recall that I had predicted a 57-win Giants team for 2016). We put it as a poll question below. The Giants won 87 games this year: do you consider 87 to be "mid-80s"?

Finally, what do you think about the Chroncast? Should we do it again next year? Leave your vote or comments down below.

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