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What the Giants were doing on October 25th in 2010, 2012, and 2014

It’s a World Series week, so let’s stroll down memory lane!

Editor’s note: I’m traveling to Not Los Angeles over the next week or so, which means I’ll have limited time to work on longer features. I will make it up to you in a week or two, when there will be thousands and thousands of dumb hot stove rumors, I promise.

Until then, enjoy some quick posts about happier times

Hello, and welcome to a feature that will absolutely annoy the heck out of people who aren’t Giants fans. The World Series week always makes me wistful when the Giants aren’t involved. That’s because the World Series is really, really fun when the Giants are involved.

Here, then, is what the Giants were doing on this date two, four, and six years ago. They were a bullpen away from being back this year, I just know it, but we shan’t talk about that. WE SHAN’T TALK ABOUT THAT.

2010 - Off day

We’re off to a rollicking start. But it’s worth remembering what we all thought back then.

This is going to end in disappointment. No, wait, this is finally when it happens for the Giants. This is going to end in disappointment. No, wait ...

I was so excited after the pennant that I bought a "Giants National League Champs" sweatshirt. After they won, I kept it in the closet for a couple years, thinking of it as an anachronism. Now I see it for the beautiful creature it really is: A reminder that there was a chance that sweatshirt would be the best we would get for a long, long time.

2012 - Giants 2, Tigers 0 (Game 2)

It was a Madison Bumgarner start. What could go wrong? Well, plenty, actually. This was a nervous start for all involved, with a very, very tired 22-year-old pitcher being asked to win another World Series game.

The Giants scored their two runs on a run-scoring double play in the seventh and a sac fly in the eighth. Exactly one ball left the infield in each inning. That’s the Giants’ way, alright.

My two favorite plays:

Don’t forget about the hero umpire, Dan Iassogna:

This was where I was in 2012, watching from the upper deck down the third-base line. It was a good time.

2014 - Giants 11, Royals 4 (Game 4)

The Royals were about to go up 3-1 in the series. This was bad. This was very bad. And in the top of the third, the Royals had the bases loaded and a 4-1 lead in the game. So very bad.

The good news was an American League pitcher was up!

The bad news was that he had an idea of what to do.

The really bad news was that Jean Machi was in, and he was wild.

The box score reads that it was a strikeout, and that’s technically true. But it was a weird strikeout. One of the weirder ones. After the third ball, Vargas decided to walk to first.

Hey, it’s a great trick if you get away with it. He didn’t.

Everyone had a lot of fun with it, though.

That is a loose team in command of the game and the World Series. I wanted to curl up behind the couch and come out in March. In my opinion, here’s how close the Giants were to losing the World Series.

Posey sets up here:

Machi throws it here:

It was a generous strike, but it really was a strike. Still, considering that it was away from the target and Posey had to stab at it, it didn’t have to be a strike. I reckon that if it were Alex Gordon up, not the pitcher, it wouldn’t have been a strike.

The Giants then singled the Royals to death, with a few doubles and walks mixed in.

The Giants would win the game. I won’t spoil the outcome of the series, though, in case you have the rest queued up on your Netflix.

And this has been this date in Giants history. A fine date it was, too. Miss u, World Series.