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Giants clinch wild card spot

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The Giants will travel to New York, where they’ll face the Mets on Wednesday.

My own father

The San Francisco Giants waited until the last week of the season to get on a roll, and now they’re going to the postseason. They controlled their own destiny and needed every last win, sweeping the Dodgers to earn a postseason berth as the second wild card.


And yet the Giants did it. At no point since May 10 were they out of postseason position, so I’m not sure what you were worried about. They’ll visit New York on Wednesday and face the Mets, with a Noah Syndergaard/Madison Bumgarner matchup. I’ll probably watch that.

You should probably watch that.

Credit to Matt Moore for a dominant start, Brandon Belt and Buster Posey for key hits, Denard Span for some key hits and a fantastic catch in the ninth inning, Conor Gillaspie for diving into a freaking camera well to make a catch, and the entire team for playing extremely well over the last week of the season. Every player in the lineup had a hit, including Matt Moore, which seems appropriate.

The Giants are in the postseason. It's an even year. The season might end on Wednesday, and you shouldn't get too cocky. But it's okay to dip into the private reserve of barrel-aged cockiness here and there over the next two days. The last week of the season has made that less silly than it might have been.