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Here's a list of all the free-agent relievers for 2016-2017

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The Giants will probably sign all of them, just in case.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the offseason. All the teams are done playing. All of them. Don’t check to see which of the four teams are still playing because none of them are playing. DON’T CHECK. As such, it’s time to talk about free agents.

In my opinion, the Giants need help with their bullpen. This is my opinion, and it is what I believe. There’s a chance that the Giants have noted this, possibly because of my heroic efforts to @ the main Twitter account over and over with my suggestions and complaints. We should look at the relievers who will be available.

There aren’t a lot! And the real answer is probably "random minor-league free agent," but we can’t count on that. If you’re going to spend real cash money to feel comfortable, like the Giants will, these are the pitchers who are available.

I’ve included the current Giants relievers so you can see how well they stack up. Spoiler: If Santiago Casilla or Sergio Romo were on the Twins with these numbers, you might think, "Saaaay, these guys are interesting."

Here is your free-agent reliever class of 2016-2017 (note that if you're on mobile, you should turn your phone to landscape):

* Contract includes team option, so potentially not a free agent

** Stats from 2015; injured in 2016

Excited? Maybe. Give me a Melancon and a Ziegler and call me in the morning, he said with a chuckle! There will be a ton of competition, though. It’s a gonna get messy.