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McCovey Chroncast #43 - Carmen Kiew & Game 5 NLDS Preview

It's Cueto vs. Lester, round 2, and this time, the winner moves on to the next round. Do the Giants still have that even year magic to pull off one of the greatest upsets of all time? Giants superfan Carmen Kiew joins Bryan & Doug to talk it all out.

So beautiful.
So beautiful.
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

KNBR and the Internet's Carmen Kiew brings her mega Giants fandom to this week's Chroncast to help Bryan and Doug breakdown the Giants-Cubs series and the season that was as well as look at what's next for San Francisco and everyone else still in the playoffs.

We also try to figure out the biggest d-bags remaining in the playoff field. Is Bryce Harper the #1 seed? Jake Arrieta?

Have all of the best Giants memories in 2016 been crammed into the past two weeks or were there moments from before the break, when everything seemed happier, that we'll remember for a good long while? And even if things don't work out for the Giants tonight, is it all doom and gloom from here on out? Or are there reasons to beliODD in 2017? There's also a lengthy monologue about Alanis Morissette in here, too.

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