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McCovey Chroncast #9!

"The Hobo Code"

Randy Winn, classier than a podcast.
Randy Winn, classier than a podcast.

Episode 9 of the McCovey Chroncast drops with a discussion of the newest Giant, Denard Span, but also a frank and explicit examination of Angel Pagan and his dreaminess effectiveness. Will two injury-plagued outfielders add up to one stellar outfield? Or will the Giants going all in on high risk/high reward free agents betray them like a hanging breaking ball?

Also, with the Hall of Fame in the news, we decline to discuss the obvious, well-trodden subjects and instead focus on the zero-vote guys who are still worthy of a conversation. We answer some Twitter questions, too. If you don't want to sign up for Twitter to ask us questions for the next Chroncast, *leave them in the comments below*!

And since 2016 is still fresh, we take a look at possible New Year's Resolutions for certain Giants. As always, your feedback is encouraged in the comments below.

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