Community Prospect List: The Results


Feel free the rec the shit out of this post.

  1. Christian Arroyo
  2. Tyler Beede
  3. Phil Bickford
  4. Mac Williamson
  5. Clayton Blackburn
  6. Lucius Fox
  7. Adalberto Mejia
  8. Chris Shaw
  9. Samuel Coonrod
  10. Chase Johnson
  11. Ray Black
  12. Aramis Garcia
  13. Jordan Johnson
  14. Andrew Suarez
  15. Jalen Miller
  16. Ty Blach
  17. Austin Slater
  18. Josh Osich
  19. Jarrett Parker
  20. Kyle Crick
  21. Hunter Cole
  22. Michael Santos
  23. Johneshwy Fargas
  24. Chris Stratton
  25. Steven Okert
  26. Mac Marshall
  27. Mikey Edie
  28. Jose Vizcaino Jr.
  29. Derek Law
  30. C.J. Hinojosa
  31. Steven Duggar
  32. Jake Smith
  33. Joan Gregorio
  34. Logan Webb
  35. Ronnie Jebavy
  36. Kelvin Beltre
  37. Ian Gardeck
  38. Jonah Arenado
  39. Michael Broadway
  40. Trevor Brown
  41. Ryder Jones
  42. Gustavo Cabrera
  43. Rodolfo Martinez
  44. Miguel Gomez

Questions to provoke discussion:

  • What is your list?
  • Who is: a) the most overrated player on the list? b) the most underrated player on the list? c) the best player not on the list? d) the most likely to jump into the top 10 next winter?
  • Who is the most likely, in your opinion, to graduate off this list by next winter?
Thanks for the great discussions this year, everyone, and here's to a great MiLB season in 2016.

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