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McCovey Chroncast #12

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"Beyond the Sea"

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The designated hitter should always be the most stylish dude on the team.
The designated hitter should always be the most stylish dude on the team.
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

This week's Chroncast deals with a very sensitive subject: the designated hitter. Many points are made by me, but none of them are coherent. Meanwhile, Doug and our guest this week -- my buddy Joe (@midafternoon on Twitter) -- both pitch their cases for why it should never sully the National League and makes sense for the National League, respectively. There's also a general discussion of the collective bargaining negotiations that will take place over the course of 2016 and what concessions either side might make to continue to keep minor leaguers away from the bargaining table and money flowing into the pockets of the establishment.

We also answer some of your Twitter questions, spend 137 seconds discussing fantasy baseball, and play an X-Files themed game.

And since we're now a dozen Chroncasts deep, what sort of changes would you like to hear us make? How can we improve the Chroncast (currently the highest rated podcast in the history of Apple)?

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