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McCovey Chroncast #11 -- Wendy Thurm 'Casts With Us

Why is Edgardo Alfonzo the header image? Oh, you'll want to listen to find that out.

Junko Kimura/Getty Images

The Internet's own Wendy Thurm stops by and talks Giants, but also the Mets, Minions, and your Twitter questions. We also play a new game, "State of the Union", and get an update on our old AAV game. This episode is also now our longest episode.

There was some consideration about breaking it into two parts, but I opted not to do that because I'm a big believer in integrity. No DH in the NL, and no separating podcasts into two parts artificially. You could always stop it after a time and then come back to it later. No one's saying you can't do that. The first 45 minutes and the second 45 minutes are equally enjoyable.

The Chroncast is available on iTunes! It's also syndicated on Blog Talk Radio! Want the RSS feed? Click here. Or, simply stream from the embed directly below. As always, you can download the podcast here. Spread the word!