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McCovey Chroncast #10 - Grant Brisbee

"An Echolls Family Christmas"

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It's finally happened: Grant has come down to the basement to check on us to make sure we haven't flooded the place or otherwise embarrassed the family.

It's our longest chroncast and also our most ambitious. Or should we say... Grantbitious? No, no, definitely just ambitious. Forget I ever said Grantbitious.

This week's game is called Oscar Names. Someone throws out a Giants player, the other two have to come up with the name of that player's Oscar-nominated film and the category. Will Doug or Grant be able to top Bryan's example Oscar Name: Bruce Bochy for Best Actor in the drama, Aneurysm? Probably. But just to be sure, you should listen.

Also, we answer some of your Twitter questions. As always, your feedback is encouraged in the comments below.

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