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Giants trade Cody Hall to Diamondbacks for a player to be named later or sweet, sweet cash

The Giants will get a player to be named later or cash. They didn't *not* say it was going to be Paul Goldschmidt.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Giants designated right-handed reliever Cody Hall for assignment after signing Denard Span last week, and they found a taker for him on the trade market. The Diamondbacks acquired Hall, according to Ken Rosenthal, which means the Giants didn't just acquire Span. They acquired Span and a prospect to be named later.

Or cash. They might get cash. Same thing, really.

Hall made his major-league debut with the Giants in 2015, after the 27-year-old posted a 3.46 ERA in Sacramento with 55 strikeouts and 26 walks in 67⅔ innings. He started his minor league career with absurd strikeout numbers in the lower minors, but those tailed off as he progressed through the system.

Usually after a player is designated for assignment, he's either outrighted to the minors, claimed on waivers, or released, so I was wondering how a deal is made. The answer I got with a little poking around: After a player is DFA'd, he's not immediately placed on waivers, which means a team can jump to the head of the line if they're willing to give up cash or another player. The Diamondbacks liked Hall enough to make that effort.

The odds are decent that we'll see Hall again. Maybe this will be karmic retribution for the Felix Rodriguez deal, except I'm not sure who would get the benefit of the karma in that case. Should the Giants be happy that Rodriguez was very good for a while, or should they be upset that he was a Diamondbacks sleeper cell filled with sorrow and anguish? We'll leave that question for the philosophers.

Fare thee well, Cody Hall, but not too well.