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Giants fans sure are happy with the team's owners

According to a FanGraphs poll, we're the happiest fans in baseball.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Everything is cyclical, I get it. Teams are up, teams are down. Even the Yankees had the late '60s and the '80s. And right now, the Giants are in something of a golden era. Our comeuppance is coming. Hopefully in 20 years or so, but the cycle will come around again.

Until then, Giants fans are happier with their owners than any team in baseball.

For Giants fans over the age of, oh, 30, this is still an unbelievable thing. According to a poll commissioned by FanGraphs' tallest drink of water, Jeff Sullivan, Giants fans aren't just happy with the state of Giants ownership: They're the happiest fans in baseball. The tops, man. Sullivan gave a choice of five descriptions of the team's current ownership, and here's how Giants fans responded:

Very good: 60%
Pretty good: 31%
Average: 5%
Pretty bad: 1%
Very bad: 3%

The three percent voting "very bad" are fans of other teams, and they're just trying to be funny the only way they know how. They should be pitied. The one percent voting "pretty bad," are leaving a comment under a Giants-related Facebook story right now and they're so very angry. They should be studied.

Ninety-one percent of the people voting, though, think the Giants owners are at least pretty good. This is not how things have always been.

When I was a young Giants fan, the team's motto was literally, "Hang In There." The team gave away a pin after every extra innings night game to say, "Thank you for staying, and we're sorry you almost died." In 1992, the owners gave up trying to build a stadium with taxpayer money and sold the team. They were mad because people objected to paying millions and millions for something like this:

The stupid public, always standing in the way of beautiful, practical dreams of the oligarchy.

Instead, the Giants have an ownership group that immediately brought in Barry Bonds. Then they built a ballpark with private money, and, lo, it was a beautiful ballpark. Then they signed Barry Zito and Aaron Rowand, which directly or indirectly led to three championships.

In addition to that, they agreed with the front office assessment that their #6 overall pick was worth the biggest bonus in the draft, even though that demand scared other teams away. They've consistently prioritized keeping their fan favorites in San Francisco, and while it's easy to grumble about Tim Lincecum's last four years or Matt Cain's current salary, just know that it's a very, very spoiled thing to do. Fans of other teams would love to keep their favorite players around for too long.

That, all of that, is why you're an arrogant Giants fan. Congratulations. We're here. It's the top of the success cycle, and the ride down isn't going to be much fun at all. But it doesn't have to come anytime soon, and until then, everyone is sure happy with Giants ownership.