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Reminder: The Giants should still spend more money on international free agents

After July 2, the Giants won't be able to sign a big international free agent prospect for two years. That means they have five months to pounce on the remaining international prospects.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

According to Ken Rosenthal, 16-year-old multi-tooled prospect Lazarito Armenteros is now a free agent. If you're looking for a reason to care, here's some lore from Jesse Sanchez:

His muscular body is the product of classic exercises from yesteryear: pushups, pullups and chest-dips using two chairs. He is said to run a 60-yard dash in under 6.5 seconds. His full name is Lazaro Robersy Armenteros Arango, but he's known simply as "Lazarito" in international baseball circles

I have never seen him play, and even though I have no idea if he can hit, field, run, or throw other than from reading a couple of paragraphs on the Internet, I fully endorse the Giants' possible pursuit of Lazaro Robersy Armenteros Arango. He plays either left field or right field. Or maybe he'll play first base or third base. He'll probably play a field or a base.

The trick isn't to get attached to every defecting prospect from Cuba. Most of them won't work out, just like every other prospect. The only reason I didn't write a post about how the Giants should sign Chris Parmalee for $10 million back in 2006 is because they didn't have a chance to sign him on the open market. It would have been a post that aged poorly.

But the idea of the Giants doubling down on their pursuit of international players? That's still in play, and it's still something exciting to watch for over the next few months. The Giants signed Lucius Fox for more than the $2.1 million limit they had in their fake salary cap/bonus pool, which means they've lost lose their right to sign an international player for more than $300,000 in each of the next two international-signing periods.

So either they want to save money in the next two years, with Fox playing the role of Michael Tucker, or they liked Fox and the class of international free agents so much, they've decided to gobble up as many of the players in this class as possible and not worry about the penalties over the next two years. Considering that the Giants were heavy into the Eddy Julio Martinez market, the latter scenario seems more likely. And that's why you should care about

hold on one second

Lazaro Robersy Armenteros Arango. More generally, though, this is why you should care about Lazarito or Jorge Ona or Jonatan Machado or Randy Arozarena, who was just declared a free agent, or ... there's a whole bunch of intriguing prospects, really, from hitters to pitchers. Which means you shouldn't have to wait until next November to read about the next exciting Giants free agent. Based on their signing of Fox and their pursuit of Martinez, they're probably hatching delightful schemes right now.

The Giants have until June to add to their 2015-2016 class, so there's plenty of time. It would sure be unusual if the Giants incurred massive penalties for Fox alone, which means every time there's a Lazaro Robersy Armenteros Arango in the news, you get to study up on him and assume he's a player the Giants simply shan't live without. The next Fox is probably coming. And it'll be like an extra draft day when he gets here.

(Also, type Lazaro Robersy Armenteros Arango just once. It's delightful.)