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Giants lose

The bullpen is tired, the Giants couldn't capitalize on 16 baserunners, and I'm starting to wonder if the postseason is slipping away.

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I mean, you can't possibly care that much at this point, can you?

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Let's check in with this stupid, awful post from last week. The topic, remember, was things to root for in the remaining two weeks.

Well, you need a bullpen to do that. A competent bullpen that isn't audibly wheezing and making Emergency Broadcast System squeals whenever they enter the game. The Giants' bullpen this year hasn't been a disaster -- there are a lot of teams that would switch places, even now -- but it sure seems like there are a lot of tired arms in that bullpen.

Nope. Not like that. Buster Posey had five at-bats and left six runners on base in Thursday night's game. He had runners on second and third with no outs in the third. He had a runner on second and one out in the fifth. Runner on third and two outs in the ninth. He declined to bring any of them home, and he looked exhausted in the process. Not that I blame him.

Well, he didn't screw anything up in this game, so I guess that's a plus, but his last start was discouraging enough.

Brandon Crawford hit a home run, improving his chances to win a Gold Glove, so the night wasn't a total loss.

If the Giants go 2-1 against the A's, and the Dodgers go 1-2 against I don't even care enough to look it up, they'll have a chance. You know -- know -- that's how it's going to happen. You can't even enjoy a win over the weekend without thinking about this.


There's a chance they won't! A legit chance they won't. They could definitely go 2-8 to finish the season, especially if they're futzing around with some of the September call-ups.

Since that plea to the baseball gods: an oblique, a concussion, and everyone currently hurt has been shut down for the season. It's like when that girl from Dazed and Confused asked her friends to take it easy on her brother, and instead they paddled him hard enough to give him chronic hip problems. It just made things worse.

That was, no question, the worst post in the history of this awful site, and I can't apologize enough. If you can't find another Giants blog on your own, start one up, and leave me to roll around in this stink.

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I mean, screw it, they're having fun. Good for them. They've earned it, no joke. There's always next year

* * *

Sergio Romo, again, has been tougher on right-handed hitters than just about any pitcher in baseball -- check that, tougher than any other pitcher in baseball, period -- but he gave up two game-ruining hits in the last two nights to right-handed hitters, both on hanging sliders.

Shut him down. Good work. Great season, even if it got iffy for a bit. Thanks for the effort, as always. But shut him down.

Shut Posey down. I'll bet he sounds like a trash compactor when he ties his shoes.

Shut everyone down. Call up Ruben Rivera. I don't care. Let every one of them rest. Here's a pillow. Man, I'm with you, I'm taking a pillow, too.

"Let's make the season 162 games. That seems normal."

- Someone without cable who works 40-hour weeks in a single-income family

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pagan lol

I took a route like that once. I was on mushrooms and trying to get back to my dorm room. Then I threw up while sitting on the curb, and my buddy sat right next to me, eating a lukewarm 7-11 burrito and consoling me the entire time.

In retrospect, it's kind of a funny memory. We'll feel like that about Pagan's route in 20 years, too.

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/VW Bug pulls up

/13 Joe Wests fall out, honking their noses and tumbling

* * *

The Giants are 1-13 in their last 14 one-run games.