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Kevin Frandsen called up, everyone else put on disabled list

Specifically, Juan Perez is on the 60-day DL now, with Ehire Adrianza unavailable because of a concussion.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It's like my mom always told me, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from stabbing. The good news is that Kevin Frandsen is back. He's an old friend, and you know how we love old friends around here. The 33-year-old was last in the majors with the 2014 Nationals team, and he hit .280/.333/.356 in Triple-A this year. His upside is Joaquin Arias in 2012. His downside is Arias this year.

But the Giants aren't so concerned with upside right now. They're just concerned with patching every hole in the lifeboat. The reason Frandsen is up is because Ehire Adrianza is unavailable with a concussion that he suffered in Tuesday night's win against the Padres. Adrianza took a short hop to the face, and he becomes the fourth Giant from the active roster to leave the team because of concussion-related reasons.

To make room for Frandsen on the 40-man roster, the Giants placed Juan Perez on the DL with ...

/spins wheel


No, wait. That doesn't seem right.

/spins wheel again

A strained oblique. I know what you're thinking. "Can't we harvest his good oblique and put it in Hunter Pence?" First, that's probably illegal. Second, it's a strained left oblique, just like Pence's.

Pretty much. Concussions are nasty, ugly things, and the Giants are riddled with them. It's not like they're the only franchise that's refusing to wear batting helmets or something. This has passed the point of absurdity and into the realm of resigned sadness. Get better, everyone. Stop getting hurt, everyone else.