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Help rate the Giants defensively

How good are the Giants defensively? Dunno, you tell us.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

You are a Giants nerd. You watch too many Giants games. You have opinions on Michael Broadway or Jarrett Parker, whereas 99.9999 percent of the world does not. When you shuffle off this mortal coil, your last words will be something like, "Wayne Franklin ... why?" and you'll realize too late that you probably could have used a little more balance in your life.

Wait! You have a chance to do good things with your extensive knowledge! Every year, esteemed sabermetrician Tom Tango collects defensive scouting reports from fans. Not just any fans, but the ones who have watched the most baseball. If you're here, the odds are strong that you watch far too much baseball. Your family is worried about you, but we aren't.

The categories:

  • Reaction/instincts
  • First steps
  • Quickness to ball
  • Hands
  • Throwing footwork
  • Throwing strength
  • Throwing accuracy

You rank them -- independent of position, which is very important to remember! -- and then all the responses are culled and a rating is produced and included on each player's FanGraphs page. The idea is to get a "wisdom of crowds" entry to help complement the traditional and advanced defensive stats.

The important thing: Don't guess. I'm not going to submit an entry for Marlon Byrd because that would be premature. I'm on the fence about doing one for Kelby Tomlinson for the same reason. And I'm not going to do one for Hunter Pence because he's missed so much time this year, which means I would really be rating his 2014 defense, not this year's.

Rather than influence you with my stunning acumen and insight, I'll share my ratings in a separate post later. For now, though, I implore you to contribute your ratings. The more people who contribute, the more likely the results will reflect reality.