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Barry Zito called up by A's, could pitch against Giants and Tim Hudson

This is all speculation. But everything is pointing toward a magnificent farewell for a couple of A's legends.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

The Oakland A's have called up Barry Zito. He's returning to the majors. And not only that, but he could start against Tim Hudson and the Giants.

This is really happening, everyone.

Zito represents one of the best periods in A's history, the pitching-heavy dominance of the turn of the millennium. He represents one of the best periods in Giants history, too, except more in a Homer Simpson/Frank Grimes kind of way. I don't know how he ended up being a positive memory for Giants fans. But it happened, and isn't it hilarious?

Here is the essence of Barry Zito in one picture:

split hat

That is his soul, his spirit animal. It's abhorrent and amusing, pure trolling. But it's also functional (reduces glare!) and you like at least one aspect of it. It reminds you of the past, and we had some good times back there in the past, didn't we, old buddy?

The A's weren't originally going to throw this bone to their fans, but they changed their mind after Jesse Chavez broke his ribs. With the season over, it was easy to put Chavez on the 60-day DL to open up the 40-man roster spot, and Zito was actually a logical replacement.

The only problem with Zito and Hudson having a tense, 10-inning Smoltz/Morris showdown is that Zito has thrown an inning in the last six weeks. That's it. So he might get a token inning if he starts, and I'm not sure if the A's are going to want to mess up a starter's routine by having him throw in the bullpen for an inning while a legacy player soaks up the cheers. Zito might come out of the bullpen.

All we know is this:

The A's don't owe it to the Giants to have Zito pitch against them. In fact, it would be a hilarious poke in the eye for the A's to keep the Zito comeback all to themselves, keeping him out of the series entirely. Man, I would make such a good troll of an owner. I just need a billion dollars.

Zito is in the majors again. He worked hard and played in the minors all season, and now he gets a magnificent send-off. I hope the Giants are there when he does it. And I hope they hit six home runs off him, too, but only because that would be slightly funnier than him striking the side out on nine pitches.

Congratulations, Barry. Hopefully, we'll see you soon.

Edit: Aw, raspberries.

He could still pitch against the Giants, though.