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Mike Leake put on DL, Josh Osich called up

Well, at least the Giants don't have too many long relievers now.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants gave up one of their top prospects to get Mike Leake, even though Leake was just a rental. And that's okay, see, because those 10 or so starts in the regular season were going to be really, really important.

The Giants lost the first Leake start. And it looks like he'll miss at least two starts with a hamstring strain. Those final seven or eight starts had better be humdingers.

To replace Leake on the roster, the Giants will call up Josh Osich, who was impressive in his debut last month. With Ryan Vogelsong back in the rotation once again, it looks like the bullpen will be a little more versatile, with an extra arm with late-inning experience. So that's a silver lining, right? Right?

According to Jon Heyman, "many believe Leake is the one trade-deadline pickup who will stay with his new team," so there's a chance this works out for 2016 and beyond. For 2015, though, Leake will have to make a lot out of a limited number of starts.

If it makes you feel better, the Jake Peavy trade wasn't looking so hot after his first starts, either. A stretch of six or seven good starts can make everything look just swell.