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Giants sign Nick Noonan to a minor-league deal, because of course they did

The Giants have a type, alright.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

In practical terms, this probably isn't going to make a difference. The Giants are rotten with surprisingly effective middle infielders, so it's a tough circle to break into. The Giants signed Nick Noonan, former farmhand and prospect who spent the last few months futzing around with the Yankees. He's back, and he'll report to Triple-A

In impractical terms, this allows me to update the list:

  • Darren Ford
  • Jackson Williams
  • Jesse Foppert
  • Todd Linden
  • John Bowker
  • Russ Ortiz
  • Boof Bonser
  • Brad Penny
  • Eric Hacker
  • Andres Torres
  • Kevin Correia
  • Travis Blackley
  • Scott Munter
  • Ryan Vogelsong
  • Kevin Frandsen
  • Nick Noonan

And it allows me to revisit the ex-Giants-who-will-return rankings from June.

7. Nick Noonan

What he's doing now: Scuffling for the Yankees' Triple-A team

It feels like he's been gone for six years, but it's really only been a few months. He has a career .677 OPS in the minors, so it's probably never happening for Noonan. The end isn't exactly near, though, as I can see him kicking around, Cody Ransom-style, for the next few years. He'll be back.

Just #7? Ugh, I have a lot of regrets, but I guess there's time for the six players above him to come back, too.

Noonan is 26 years old, and he was hitting at a .262/.308/.328 clip for the Yankees in the International League. Those are close to his career numbers, though he used to hit for a little more power. The first rounder was drafted in 2007, also known as the Madison Bumgarner draft, and he's apparently going to provide depth behind Kevin Frandsen in Triple-A. Good for him.

Now that he's off the list, who moves on? I'll go with Antoan Richardson, switch-hitting minor-league on-base machine. He's almost 32, so the Giants will have to act quickly. But I'm choosing him specifically because he's not Brad Penny, and that's good enough for me.