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The possible September call-ups for the Giants

The Giants will call up the cavalry tomorrow, and they'll take players on and off the 40-man roster, most likely.

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Six days ago, Juan Perez played second base. I was so busy writing thoughts of game-related doom, I missed it completely, but for two innings, Perez literally stood near second base with a glove on. He didn't get a chance because baseball is occasionally cruel and unfunny, but he was there. And this all happened because the real Giants team was eaten by locusts.

Now it's almost September, sweet September, which means the active rosters will expand and the Giants will get some danged help. The odds are ... poor ... that Perez will play another inning at second base this year. Let's look at the likely and possible September call-ups for the Giants:

Hector Sanchez

Sanchez is a 25-year-old catcher who has never really blossomed into the ... oh, you know him already? Man, you're good at this. Well, Sanchez will be up, and his presence will allow Andrew Susac to pinch-hit more, which is probably a good thing.

Infielder on the 40-man roster who isn't already on the 25-man roster

Literally every infielder on the Giants' 40-man roster is already in the majors or on the DL. We'll get to the other options off the 40-man roster later, but the above player doesn't exist. Which means we might see Perez at second again after all!

Joan Gregorio

The lanky sinker monster pitched in relief most of the year in Double-A, but he recently went back in the rotation. He's already on the 40-man roster, and because the Flying Squirrels aren't in a postseason chase, he's a decent bet to come up, if only to be an extra arm at the far back of the bullpen. (Edit: The Flying Squirrels are three back from a postseason spot with eight games left, so they're not dead yet. I misread the standings.)

I could see him being a lot more impressive with a major-league defense behind him, though, so he might be one of my more anticipated players to watch.

Cody Hall

Hall had a chance to be this year's Hunter Strickland (without the postseason dingers, hopefully), but his strikeouts vanished. He's had a decent-enough season for Sacramento, but the walk and whiff rates are going in the wrong direction. Roger pointed out that the velocity reports are concerning, to say the least.

When he was right, Hall was a strikeout machine with plus command. Even if he's still erratic, it's possible the Giants want every last arm on the 40-man up, just to ease the workload of the everyday pitchers like George Kontos and Hunter Strickland.

Derek Law

Law just returned from Tommy John surgery, so I can't imagine the Giants would be very enthusiastic about him throwing high-stress innings in the majors. If they don't bring up Hall or Law, though, the Giants will be adding only Gregorio off the 40-man roster, which wouldn't make a lot of sense.

It's also possible that the Giants would want him to build up his stamina under the watch of the major league staff, and he's still in the long-term plans. It's possible that we'll see a completely different Giants bullpen next year, and a hard-throwing, healthy Law would be a part of that. He's closing in Double-A right now, and his strikeout numbers are encouraging, at least.

Ryan Lollis

He's almost certain to be back. He'll be a slashing lefty line-drive type off the bench, which is something the Giants definitely need when Gregor Blanco is in the lineup. He has a chance to stick on a major league bench next year, which is pretty impressive when you consider just how miserable his 2014 season was.

Jarrett Parker

He has a hit in the majors, at least. I was worried that after the weird, call-up/non-call-up from last year, he was going to go full Moonlight Graham on us, but without even a chance to put on a major league uniform.

As is, he's made entirely out of power and whiffs, which means he's a very limited player right now. Still, the Giants don't have a lot of power off the bench, so he'll probably get more than a couple at-bats in key situations. Justin Maxwell from the left side is probably a reasonable expectation for Parker, even if it takes him a couple years to get there. It's up to you to determine how excited that makes you feel.

And that's it for the 40-man roster options. Exciting? Not as such. Ray Black would be hilarious, considering that he's walking 8.0 per nine innings in San Jose and striking out 18 per nine, but unlikely. Daniel Carbonell probably isn't Jose Abreu with speed, which is just a shame. Other than that, though, everyone's accounted for.

Which means it's time for the players who aren't on the 40-man roster. The problem with this crew is that there aren't a lot of spots for them on that 40-man, not without moving someone(s) like Tim Lincecum or Tim Hudson to the 60-man DL. Both of them could be placed on the DL retroactively and still have a chance to appear in another game this season, but someone would have to be exposed to waivers when they came back. Carbonell might be on the bubble, and Perez might be too, but the Giants are still hopeful about most of the names on the roster. There just aren't a lot of Brett Bochy/Angel Villalona types on the 40-man roster right now.

That written, here are some names with a chance.

Clayton Blackburn

Not sure the Giants would mess around with another starter at this point, especially if they needed to make room on the 40-man roster for him. But they'll need to make room for him after the season anyway to protect him from the Rule 5 draft, so they might just get it over with and enjoy the depth in the meantime. Like Gregorio, I'm curious to see him with an all-world defense behind him.

Everth Cabrera

He's been awful in Triple-A this year, but he still has that I've-heard-of-him quality, which is something other players can't buy.

Kevin Frandsen

Say, now here's a guy with that I've-heard-of-him quality. Considering the bit up there about Juan Perez, I'd be stunned if the Giants didn't make room for another infielder somehow, and Frandsen would be the most reasonable option.

Mac Williamson

Like Blackburn, he'll need to be added after the season for Rule 5 purposes, so they might as well. He would almost certainly be the best prospect promoted, and he would give the Giants power off the bench, while auditioning for a bigger role next year.

The only problem is that roster crunch up there. Do the Giants move both Tims to the 60-man, or would their only option be to designate Carbonell? Dunno, and until we know that, I'll assume that they're opening up just one spot, and that will go to an infielder.

Joaquin Arias

Oh, man. This is totally happening, isn't it? Sorry, Kevin. This guy has seniority. He has uninterrupted seniority, at least.

My guess at the call-ups:

Hector Sanchez
Joan Gregorio
Cody Hall
Derek Law
Ryan Lollis
Jarrett Parker
Joaquin Arias

Which of them will hit a walk-off homer against the Dodgers later this month? At least four of them, imo, including one of the relievers. It's going to be so much fun.