A Tim Lincecum Appreciation Post

I hope that you have memories of Tim Lincecum how he used to be, and not how he is today. I'm not here to argue about the choices made to keep Timmy as long as the Giants have. And I'm not here to talk about his decline in performance over the years.

By all accounts, he's dead, Jim. Hips don't lie, and his are apparently shot. Best case scenario, he gets the surgery and comes back as a competent reliever. But the days of The Freak starting games and dominating batters are over. For all that Timmy did for San Francisco, and all that he did for Giants fans pre-2010, he deserves one last round of accolades before he goes his own way.

So let's talk about some of the awesome moments Timmy has given us. Just because we can, and what does it hurt? He hasn't pitched a game since June, he's essentially harmless right now aside from his salary, which he'd still be getting paid either way. Let me be sadly nostalgic for a minute and leave any negative Timmy sentiments at the door.

Tim Lincecum's 2008 Cy Young Award Speech on the field the following season.

This was the start of good things to come. This was the sign of hope this franchise needed after the Bonds era ended, unceremoniously. We had a Cy Young award winning pitcher! Maybe, just maybe, we can do this! But not this year...

Tim Lincecum's 2009 Cy Young Award Highlights

This year, man...this year we thought the Giants might actually do it. They did not, but they had Timmy and that was good enough for me because I knew it was a matter of time. We couldn't have pitching this good and NOT make a run for the pennant. Soon.....

2010 WS Game 5

And we didn't have to wait too long. I'd include his game against the Braves, but in terms of games with the biggest impact, this is the one. This is the one where the history of the San Francisco Giants changed in a night. This is the night where we were no longer waiting, and suffering. No. They did it! And we suffered no more! Every good fan remembers where they were for this game, and exactly where they were when the last out occurred. Unless you're too young, but if that's the case, watch and learn. This was a big one.


Yes, by now Timmy had lost a lot of his mystique, along with velocity and control. But damn, he was still clutch. And he helped the team get to their second World Series Championship in 3 years!

2013: First No Hitter! also (full)

I mean, we're kind of spoiled with no-hitters now, and even at the time we'd had Jonathan Sanchez's, and Matt Cain's Perfect Game. But still, there's something about seeing a pitcher who's struggling have a no-hitter. It's like the universe telling you that things are still okay. And things sure felt okay that day.

2014: Second No HItter! also (full)

I mean, come on! Who does this??? Who no-hits the same team twice in two years? As a struggling pitcher??? Tim Lincecum does, thank you very much. And it might have been sheer luck, but I took it at the time, and I'll take it now.

2014: Post-season:

Well, there isn't much to show. And what there is, isn't worth showing. But he was there. And he got a ring. So that's 2 Cy Youngs, 2 No-Hitters and 3 World Series wins. Not bad for a dude who used to have to run from bullies in high school because he was small....

2015: He had some good starts. One of them was this.

But ultimately, we know it's time. He was clutch for a month or so, but then it was bad. So, I invite you, fellow MCC Timmy fans, to share your favorite moments via gif, or video. Let's just get the Timmy love out, here and now, and prepare ourselves for a day when we will no longer even have his smiling face in the dugout..

I, for one, would like to start things out with a gif montage and also this montage of funny moments

But also this montage of awesome batting, and this montage of awesome defense.....

I'd post some great gifs, but I can't figure out how, so let's gif-jam in the comments!

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