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Joe Panik sent to DL, Kelby Tomlinson added to roster

The Giants had a good, solid week with their healthy lineup. Boy, that was fun.

Sarah Glenn/Getty Images
Joe Panik clearly wasn't right on Saturday. He had a crucial double late, but he was running to first like he was shoplifting an oar. His back stiffness put him on the bench for three out of the last four games, and it apparently became clear that limited rest wasn't going to help. The Giants placed Panik on the DL with a case of oddyearitis. Middle infielder Kelby Tomlinson was called up from Triple-A, and he'll join the team in Atlanta.

This is probably because Reuben Poling wrote about the Giants' historically great infield, so everyone should blame him, by the way.

With Panik temporarily broken, look for more Ehire Adrianza, who is probably better than his limited-sample stats suggest, but not that much better. Not good enough to replace an All-Star without the rest of us sighing deeply. Panik was hitting .309/.374/.443 on the season, with 25 doubles, seven homers, and outstanding defense. Other than that, the Giants will hardly miss him.

Tomlinson hit .321/.376/.414 between Double-A and Triple-A this season, also bringing the vroom with 21 stolen bases. The 25-year-old has played second, short, and third this year, and he projects as a utility infielder. Just like Panik and Matt Duffy did, sure, but he's not as young as those two were when they started impressing in the minors. He'll be fun to watch, at least. This could have led to a heaping help of Joaquin Arias, so at least we get to watch a new, young player.

Still, Panik's back needs to quit being a jerk and heal. It'll be a drab stretch without him.

At least the Giants don't have a ridiculous August schedule, or anything.