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Chris Heston starting Sunday in place of Matt Cain

Welcome back, Chris Heston! And let us just forget about Matt Cain's last two seasons and look forward to the next one.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

After Matt Cain's miserable month, it was going to be hard to keep him in the rotation once rosters expanded and Chris Heston rejoined the team. Turns out the Giants weren't even willing to wait that long. According to Alex Pavlovic, Heston is going to start for Cain this Sunday. Waiting for rosters to expand would have given Cain an extra start, which is apparently something the Giants weren't willing to do.

Oh, Matt Cain. You will be the very best story of the next even year.

Heston was sent down the minors when Mike Leake returned because a) he had options and b) the Giants were concerned he was getting a little tired and didn't want him to obliterate his career innings high if the team got to the postseason. Hopefully he can find that slippery sinker and quality-start the joint up.

There hasn't been a corresponding move announced, though either Mike Broadway going back down or Cain going back on the DL make the most sense, considering the triage station that is the bench and lineup.

Edit: It's Cain to the DL.