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Reminder: Play fantasy football with Hunter Pence, support charity

You have two days left to exercise your right to look Hunter Pence right in the eyes and whisper the name of a Manning brother.

Elsa/Getty Images

On Friday, Hunter Pence, Tim Hudson, Brandon Crawford, and Matt Duffy will take part in a fantasy football draft. The fans who draft with them will have a chance to win a personalized bat from Rawlings and an autographed jersey from Pence. Mostly, though, they'll get to be in a fantasy football league with Hunter Freaking Pence, which means people will actually care about their fantasy league.

You should be in this fantasy league.

There are just a couple spots left, and here's how you join:

  • Go to Big League Impact and register
  • Pay a fully tax-deductible donation of $2,000 (or $2,500 for a team with co-owners)
  • Go to AT&T Park on Friday
  • Draft
  • Hang out and watch batting practice after

The donations are split between Adam Wainwright's national organization (which focuses on basic needs like food and water for people around the world) and Bay Area-serving charities to be determined (Pence mentioned the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but he was still seeking input from his teammates.)

I'll be there, and I'll write about the fantasy league ALL SEASON LONG and there's nothing you can do about it, so you might as well be a part of it. At least then you'll care about the inside jokes.

Hurry! The draft is Friday. I've figured out my strategy. Have you?