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Chris Heston sent down to make room for Marlon Byrd

Calm down. It's a procedural move, mostly.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Heston was sent down to Sacramento to make room for Marlon Byrd.

/audience gasps

But that's okay! The rosters expand on September 1, and he'll be right back up. Mike Leake will take Heston's spot in the rotation, Matt Cain will get another show-me start, and everything is fine. To be fair, Heston was pitching poorly, but this has more to do with him having options left. In order to get the potential upgrade of Heston over Vogelsong for one start, the Giants would have had to send down Josh Osich for at least 10 days. I'd rather have the Osich.

That written, I'm still counting on Heston for a possible postseason, ha ha, rotation, so hopefully this isn't a long-term thing. It probably isn't.

That's about right. It's a move that makes sense on five different levels. It's just weird because he's basically been the #2 starter this year.

Chris Heston was the Giants' second-best starter in a year they were in postseason contention for most of the year. Stick that up your odd year.

Byrd is in the lineup, meanwhile, hitting fifth. Hit some dingers, Marlin-bird. Hit some dingers into that pale blue night.

In conclusion, the Internet exists and allows me to embed this video in whichever post I choose, so there's no point in not putting this here: