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Giants drop second straight, get shut out

They'll only lose a half-game to the Dodgers, who "have they day off." Whatever that means.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We're two-thirds of the way through the Augpocalpyse, and the Giants are 9-10. The Dodgers haven't pulled away, even if the wild card race is slipping away. This isn't time to panic. The doomsday scenarios from before the month started were much worse. That doesn't mean that this is fun.

A Giants pitcher labored in the first inning again. The offense was entirely quiet again. They were hopeless with runners in scoring position again, and they were out-homered again. The highlight of the night, unquestionably, was Juan Perez having a praying mantis on his hat.


Awwww. Coochie coochie coo. Here, little feller.

okay no seriously stop that.

The Giants scored 12 runs against the Nationals on Saturday. They haven't scored as many in their five games since. The worst part is that they pitching has been effective on the road trip -- allowing 10 runs in four games is usually a great way for the Giants to go 3-1, or at least 2-2.

At the risk of going full Tim McCarver on you, it's sort of hard for the Giants to win if they aren't scoring. It's how they're built. It's the point of the team, their raison d'être. They slap singles and doubles and annoy the other team, and about every five games they vomit dingers all over the place. When they don't do that, it's not like Jake Peavy is going to save them.

Peavy has his uses ...

/reads from prepared notes on a teleprompter

... and, uh, he can help a team in the right situation. That team would be a defensively strong team that can put up runs. The Giants are one of those teams! When Joe Panik is at second and Hunter Pence is in right, that is. With a quarter of the lineup hampered offensively and defensively, the margin for error is much slimmer. How slim? For example, you can't get away with this:

Kelby: Thought he flashed me the sign for to my left.

Kelby: Then I realized too late that hitters don't give signs to the fielders at all.

Kelby: Also, these aren't even prescription glasses. I found them at a bus stop.

Kelby: Felt like people respected me more when I was wearing them.

Kelby: Anyway, they were all rookie mistakes, and I'll be ready to go tomorrow.

Bochy: /takes bite of coffee mug

That play was odd, and the runner who got on base eventually scored. The play that caught my eye even more, though, was the next one.

Brandon Crawford made another dizzying play to get an out the Giants probably shouldn't have picked up in the first place. But Tomlinson's exchange was fine ... which is the problem. The Giants have been doing better than okay because Joe Panik's ability to turn the double play is far superior to fine. Peavy will get burned if Giants fans aren't melting down their fillings to make homemade Gold Gloves for almost everyone on the team. Once players are fine, acceptable, or y'know pretty okay, it can make a grinder like Peavy look worse than he otherwise might.

This isn't the pick-on-Kelby segment, considering that Peavy gave up a dinger that just landed. That also would have cost the Giants the game. Just a note that this roster has a wafer-thin margin for error. They're a lopsided roster, reliant on hitting and defense, so when the hitting and defense is just a tick worse, every game is as fun as a three-hour test of the Emergency Broadcast System.


They have scored against Charlie Morton before, you know. In a third of his starts against the Giants, he hasn't allowed an earned run, but they beat him last July.


So there.

Though I guess it's a problem that they haven't scored a run off Morton in four out of their 12 starts against him.

I'm tired of writing about this game. Let's watch these people dance: