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Joe Panik should be back "no later than September 1", Giants still in Utley chase

The Chase chase isn't going to be resolved soon, but the Panik news is welcome.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Former GM and current scouting scalawag Brian Sabean was on 95.7 The Game (a link to the recording should show up here soon), dishing out some important Giants updates. The most important of all:

Two more weeks of a Panik-free existence. I ... I guess I can live with that. I guess there's no choice. In the interim, though, is there a familiar name who might be able to help?

Utley is reportedly concerned that he won't get playing time with the Giants, and he wants to build his best case for offseason free agency. This isn't his last year, apparently. I'd figure that between Aoki 's injury(with Belt to left), Panik's injury, and a general desire to rest everyone occasionally, he would get a pretty fair look, but that's up to Utley and his people to decide.

The other interesting tidbit of note is that the Giants fully expect Mike Leake to make his next start and that the Giants are going to be active in extension talks with Brandon Crawford. Which makes sense and fits their pattern, but is still nice to hear.

Should the Giants get Utley to help? Maybe. But the best news is that the Giants are still counting on Joe Panik. Phew.