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Giants place Angel Pagan on DL, recall Juan Perez

The team leader in at-bats will sit for at least two weeks with right patella tendinitis.

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The Giants officially placed Angel Pagan on the disabled list on Tuesday with right patella tendinitis, calling up outfielder Juan Perez from Sacramento. The only real surprise is that it took so long for everyone to realize that Pagan wasn't going to get better by playing every day.

This isn't a time for ghoulish celebration, cheering at someone's misfortune. If all it took were 32 stimpaks for Pagan to feel better, I'm sure we'd all offer them from our private stash. When Pagan was healthy, he was a joy to watch. No, it's not a time for celebration, but it's time for an exasperated finally, as it was extraordinarily hard to watch him play, and it has been for a long time.

Not that long ago, someone -- I can't remember if it was a beat writer or a broadcaster -- theorized that Pagan pulled up well before the center field wall because his knees made it impossible to stop short and prevent serious injury. It was a flabbergasting, probably correct, theory. Don't centerfielders need functioning knees? To play at the elite level of their major-league peers? Isn't that the first or second thing on the job application, right under the spot for the applicant's name?

Regardless, the inevitable has finally happened. Norichika Aoki is not in Tuesday's starting lineup for a combination of precautionary concerns about his health and Scott Kazmir swallowing left-handed hitters whole, but the outfield alignment is likely to be Aoki in left, Gregor Blanco in center, and Hunter Pence in right. As it should have been for at least a month.

Root for improved health for Pagan, who was one of the better players on the team when he was right. In the interim, the Giants will make do with what they have, which happens to be better than what they had.