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Hunter Pence off DL, hitting cleanup

This is a much better lineup surprise than the occasional Arias/Lollis appearance.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Hunter Pence's batting practice sessions have become urban legends over the past couple days.

I heard Hunter Pence hit a ball so hard it deflected off the Coke bottle, and then he caught the ball with his bare hand, and then he drank the baseball and it turned into pure Coca-Cola as it slid down his throat.

Probably! But the Giants were being guarded about his return, suggesting it might be before the All-Star Game, but they didn't want to push it.

Hunter Pence is in the lineup, hitting cleanup on Tuesday night.

The Giants, who have lost 58 games in a row, have a wee sense of urgency right now, and it didn't make sense to them to keep Pence off the roster when he was showing off in batting practice. No word yet on who is going down to make room, but the obvious choice on the roster would be Ryan Lollis. Edit: It's Lollis who goes down. Sure hope he comes back up in September and gets a hit.

Pence was hitting .282/.329/.451 with two homers in just 71 at-bats this year, while the random Cubs pitcher who did this to him is still allowed to roam free, vote, own property, et cetera. Still, we're not here to dwell on the past. Hunter Pence is back, everyone. Hunter Pence is back.


He's back, and he'll probably fix everything. Rejoice.