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Some more Giants scheduling quirks

Imagine a person giving ESPN the side eye for this entire article

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Pictured here: the Giant who was good last night, and coincidentally didn't have a nutso travel schedule. Weird!
Pictured here: the Giant who was good last night, and coincidentally didn't have a nutso travel schedule. Weird!
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in the last few weeks, the Giants, within 24 hours, ended a baseball game on the east coast, flew across the country to San Francisco, and started playing another baseball game. And last night, in what was surely a coincidence, the entire team (except Chris Heston, who had already flown out before the game Sunday) played like tired idiots.

Oh, I just realized that you could have read that last sentence as sarcasm. They've been playing like tired idiots for a solid week now, cross-country flight or not. It was a coincidence, for sure. Apologies for the confusion.

But did you know that this isn't the only time that the Giants are going to be disadvantaged because of their schedule? Here are the others, which are definitely true and real and in no way jokes:

July 17: Pre-game warm-ups cancelled for Ant-Man screening

Major League Baseball is really pushing its corporate partnerships, and as part of that initiative, they're sending the Giants out to the movies! It's even on the schedule!


Unfortunately, all the midday and post-game showings sold out, so the Giants are going to have to show up to the ol' AMC Arizona Center 24 for the 4:15 show. This does, sadly, mean that they'll have limited time to get loose before the game starts at 6:40, but it's what Marvel wants so it's what Marvel gets. Hey, anything to accommodate large corporations with lots of money!

August 6 and 27: Game locations switched

Here's the Giants' original August schedule:


Originally, the August 6 game was to be played in Chicago as the start of a 4-game series coming off three days in Atlanta, and the August 27 game was Game 3 of a 6-game homestand. But someone in New York (Manfred, you SCAMP!) decided that it would be fun to just swap 'em, so instead of travelling in a reasonable manner for a sports team, the Giants do something a little silly! Here's their new August schedule:


Isn't that more fun? I think it's more fun. We like to have fun around here.

September 1: Split-squad games

Honestly, I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. With rosters expanded, there's no reason to limit a team to one game or location per day, so Major League Baseball decided to have themselves a little experiment. On September 1, half of the Giants will play the Dodgers in LA, while the other half will play the Rockies in Denver!


The Giants are having trouble finding three competent outfielders today, so let's hope by September they have six, or it'll be a long evening!

September 28: Phil Cuzzi scheduled to umpire Giants game again

Oh come on, MLB, that one's just cruel.