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Brandon Crawford, Joe Panik, and Madison Bumgarner make 2015 National League All-Star team

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Baseball's best double play combination gets the recognition we were all expecting, and Madison Bumgarner makes his third-straight All-Star team.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports
Brandon Crawford and Joe Panik were both named as reserves for the National League All-Star team on Monday, and Madison Bumgarner made the pitching staff. It's the first time the Giants have had a double-play combo in the same All-Star Game since 2001, when Jeff Kent and Rich Aurilia made the team.

This is all expected. And yet, completely unexpected at the same time.

It's expected because they're both having excellent seasons. Crawford was elected by the players, not needing the Bruce Bochy touch, after all. Crawford is leading MLB shortstops in WAR, adjusted OPS, and home runs. Panik leads NL second basemen in adjusted OPS, on-base percentage, and batting average, coming in second to only Dee Gordon in WAR. If the season ended right now, Panik would have had the best season from a Giants second baseman since Ray Durham in 2006.

It's unexpected because both of them were supposed to have very modest, easily identifiable ceilings. Crawford was supposed to be Brendan Ryan, a defense-first, never-hit shortstop who would be best on a deep bench. Instead, he's a power-hitting, middle-of-the-lineup guy now, and the defense never left. Panik was supposed to be a utility player who would start for a team that didn't have a better option. Instead, he's figured out how to hit for power, and his defense is a perfect complement to Crawford up the middle.

Bumgarner was expected because he's a star and his manager picked part of the team. He was unexpected because he hasn't pitched as well as some of the other pitchers left off the ballot, like Carlos Martinez. Still, past performance counts for something, and Bumgarner isn't undeserving. This is the third straight All-Star selection for Bumgarner, who has also contributed immensely to three World Series championships.

He's 25.

Congratulations to Crawford, Panik, and Bumgarner! The Giants will have at least four All-Stars in Cincinnati next Tuesday, their most since 2013. Will Bumgarner throw six scoreless innings in extras? Probably. Can't wait.