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Giants don't make additional trades at the deadline

The Giants were reportedly checking in on bullpen help, but Mike Leake is the only addition for now.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants kicked tires and kicked tires and kicked tires, but at the end of the day, their trade deadline was Mike Leake and only Mike Leake. The PA is not playing Craig Kimbrel's music. Aroldis Chapman is not walking through that door. Koji Uehara isn't ... aw, man, now I realized how much I really wanted Koji Uehara.

They were reportedly trying for more help, too ...

... but the Padres weren't interested in trading Kimbrel, the Reds were reportedly asking for some goofy returns on Aroldis Chapman, and none of the other relievers piqued the Giants' interest -- at least, not enough to cost a chunk of the farm and send Ryan Vogelsong or Yusmeiro Petit into DFA land.

There was a little clamoring for a utility infielder, based on Ehire Adrianza's 22 at-bats this season, which is a little odd. His minor league stats suggest he can hit a tiny bit, which combined with his glove and ability to switch-hit makes him an almost perfect utility infielder. There was no reason to get another no-hit, some-glove shortstop. It's not like Justin Turner was available and the Giants whiffed.

Another outfielder kind of made sense, considering Pagan's health and on-field deterioration, but Justin Maxwell is fine enough as a fifth outfielder. Assuming Pagan isn't on the DL at some point, the outfield was fine.

No, it was the bullpen that was the easy upgrade, but hardly an imperative. I would have loved Chapman or Kimbrel -- check that: "and/or' -- but those teams weren't desperate to unload, and considering what the Yankees were willing to give up (a shortstop prospect and salary relief that would have been at least on par with Andrew Susac's value, and probably much greater), the Giants would have been put in the same void that they were with Cole Hamels and David Price.

It could have been worse, you know. Casey McGehee could have hit .270, and Matt Duffy could have hit .340 in Sacramento, making him an enticing prospect at the deadline instead of a key cog for the future. McGehee was trying to help us, don't you see?

The deadline is over, and it's Mike Leake. The alternatives were both enticing and appalling, but almost nothing was more appalling than doing nothing at all, so the Giants did well to upgrade their rotation and give away only one big prospect.

Take a deep breath, Tyler and Andrew. Unpack your stuff. Stay away. Take a load off, and have a great summer.