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Rangers reportedly trade for Cole Hamels, Giants still in on David Price

The best fit for the Giants is going to a team that isn't even contending this year. Can we just, like, borrow him for a few weeks?

didn't even want him anyway so whatever yeah whatever
didn't even want him anyway so whatever yeah whatever
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The dream is over. According to ... well, everyone ... Cole Hamels is heading to the Texas Rangers, who don't even need the dude this year. This is disappointing. Hamels fit the Giants so very well.

However ...

The Giants are still in on David Price, according to various Jons ...

... so don't panic yet. Just a little.

If there's anything in the Giants' favor, it's that the Dodgers have two prospects that would get them Price in .0003 seconds, and the Tigers might get it in their heads that the Dodgers will break. Meanwhile, the Dodgers get frustrated and -- look, it's my fan-fic, hush -- and move on to another pitcher. That's how it can happen, people. You gotta believe me.

The Dodgers are trying to acquire Alex Wood from the Braves, who is a) good, b) young, and c) good and young enough to keep around and make the Dodgers look smart. I would think that Wood-for-Price would be a steal for the Tigers, considering that Price has two months left on his contract, so it's not out of the question that the Dodgers are trying for Price with other prospects.

The Giants can compete with "other prospects!"

Hamels is gone, though, even though he and his contract fit the Giants so well. One down. Others to go. Mike Leake in our sights.

Remember a lot of us felt this way about Jake Peavy last year, too.