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David Price available, Tigers reportedly like Giants' prospects

Do they *like* like them, though?

Leon Halip/Getty Images

In something of a minor surprise, the Tigers announced they were selling at the trade deadline. That means different things to different teams, but for the Giants it means that David Price, excellent starting pitcher, is potentially available.

Big whoop, you say? Well, lookie here:

It's not like the Tigers would leak that so that the Dodgers would blink and increase their offer. I mean, ha ha, how preposterous is that? Ha ha ha. Ha ha. Ha?

However, this does point out one of the more annoying urban myths of the trade deadline -- that the Giants have absolutely nothing to offer. If you're a fan of the excellent Minor Lines, you'll know there are interesting names. There are always interesting names. Stack enough of them together, and it might be a fine return for 10 starts of David Price and an exclusive negotiating window.

I'm also okay with the Giants hosing the Dodgers by pretending to be in every one of the same trade discussions, even if it's less exciting on the field.

Morosi also wrote about the Giants and Price over the weekend:

To obtain the left-hander, a team almost certainly would need to surrender a pitcher who fits into the Tigers' 2016 rotation.

Assuming we're not talking about Chris Heston -- which wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility, considering we're all still getting used to him -- perhaps Tyler Beede would solve this conundrum. Or maybe the Giants could get into their first three-way deal since, I don't know, Dave Bergman to the Phillies/Tigers, which would allow them to ship Andrew Susac off to the Braves for one of their young arms, which would then be turned over to the Tigers.

Phew. All this rosterbation makes a fella jittery. My guess is that the Tigers have absolutely nothing to lose by saying the Giants have the prospects to pique their interest, which led to someone from the Tigers saying loudly, "BOY, THESE GIANTS PROSPECTS ARE REALLY GOOD."

Maybe they really are enamored of the prospects, though.

Maybe.  I wonder if David Price likes the Giants.


I hope so. I hope the Tigers like the Giants' prospects, too.