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Jean Machi claimed off waivers by Red Sox

The Giants were hoping everyone would ignore Jean Machi. They didn't count on the team with absolutely nothing to lose.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Jean Machi was having the Boston Red Sox of seasons -- hurt, disappointing, awful -- and now he's found a home with them. The Red Sox claimed Machi off waivers after the Giants designated him for assignment last week.

The Jean Machi Era is officially over.

Hold on! There's more to it than farts! For two years, Machi was striking out three or four batters for every one that he walked. In his first full season with the Giants, he allowed just two homers. Last year, he allowed just five in 66 innings. He emerged from the reliever mists, gave the Giants a couple good seasons, and vanished like a ... well, you know.

Like Joaquin Arias, though, he had his moments.

He made it to first in 4.1 seconds. 4.1 SECONDS. That's center fielder time. And the play allowed us to see Matt Cain's totally normal and appropriate ass-slapping skills in full bloom.


Oh, and also, there were several sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-inning outings without any drama, allowing the Giants to stay close or keep the lead. Technically, that was his job. For two years, he was pretty good at it.

Considering how easy it was to avoid Machi in the postseason last year, I'm pretty sure the loss of depth, while real, isn't something we'll notice for the rest of the year. It makes sense for the Red Sox to take a chance on his magic, erratic splitter; it made no sense for the Giants to keep hoping it fixed itself.

That's two goodbye posts in the same week, you'll notice. But they came for the 24th and 25th man on the roster, with the Giants improving with each move. Running out of people to pick on, here. That's bad for blogging, but it's probably good for the Giants. Best of luck, Jean. Say hi to that ... ugh, what's his name ... the guy with the hat ... and the gum ... you know, the guy who caught the pop-up last year ... oh, this is going to drive me crazy ...