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SF Giants trade rumor: Could Michael Morse come back to the Giants?

It's so crazy, it just might work. But it probably won't.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Morse is having a bummer of a year. He's struck out in nearly a third of his plate appearances. He isn't hitting for power or average. An unnamed scout described his defense as "reminiscent of Michael Morse." According to Baseball-Reference's WAR, he's been more harmful to the Marlins than Casey McGehee was to the Giants.

Dramatic pause.

However! A rumor is a rumor, and we can explain this one, at least a little.

Because this is, like, one of two rumors this month, we get to parse the phrasing. "Just might be dealt"? As in, it's an easy solution for both sides? As in, it's in the works? As in, it's a done deal? AS IN, IT'S A DONE DEAL?

Oh, probably not. But if you wanted to make an argument for him, you could.

The Giants need help on the bench, preferably a right-handed hitter with power

The Giants have okay options off the bench when everyone is healthy, but they don't have a power threat other than Justin Maxwell. When Norichika Aoki comes back, Maxwell isn't going to have a lot of chances playing time, at least not in a way that maximizes his value. He's an excellent defender, but that doesn't make much of a difference on a team with two solid corner defenders in the lineup and one on the bench. Maxwell would make sense on a team that's starting Morse in the first place. With the current roster, it's less redundant to have thump on the bench.

Say, Michael Morse has thump. Thump for days.

Second argument in favor of Michael Morse

Boy, oh boy, he sure is delightful. And the fans love him!

Fan favorite, alright. Three cheers for Michael Morse!

He didn't leave because he hated us. He left because he wanted a starting job and starting money. No one's going to give him the first one right now, and he already has the second one, so it's less of a concern that he'll accept a bench role.

First argument opposed to Michael Morse

He's been awful this year. He's had a finger sprain and back issues this year, and maybe that's part of it. Except pointing out a reason why a player might be bad doesn't completely absolve his lack of production. Saying "the rock will hurt because it's heavy" doesn't mean the rock will stop hurting your foot when you drop it.

Or to put it another way: I sure love Randy Winn. Don't really want him on the bench this year, though.

Second argument opposed to Michael Morse

He's signed through next year and owed about $10 million. Presumably, the Marlins would eat a chunk of that, but assume they'll absorb half of that. That's $5 million for a platoon player/bat off the bench, at best. That's a very, very expensive bench player. Eats up a ton of the bench budget, I'd reckon.

Once the Marlins start absorbing the entire contract, I start worrying that they'll ask for a real prospect, which isn't something that should be traded for a bench bat.

The nays have it, I'm afraid. If the Giants have to give up a random, 87-mph starter who's too old for his minor league assignment, and the Marlins will pay the Giants $7 million or $8 million, then I'm all for the good-timey clubhouse vibrations of one Michael Morse.

That seems unlikely, though. So we'll assume this isn't a perfect fit and move on. Oh, Morse. Why couldn't you be a Gold Glove centerfielder?