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Very important theatre: Watch an hour-long special on Willie Mays from 1967

If you were in the mood to watch Willie Mays against Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax, this is for you.

Usually, when I post a video of a classic Giants game or something similar, it's fun to watch for a few minutes, but I don't expect you to sit down and watch the whole thing.

This one is different. You should probably go home sick, just to make sure. This is a full-length ABC special on Mays and the Giants, focusing on their 1966 season.

Warning: There is a very sad shot of a very sad Willie Mays watching the Dodgers win the pennant.


Otherwise, though, it's an amazing find. Highlights include Mays breaking down an at-bat against Sandy Koufax, shots of Mays at a hella swanky late-'60s home, a still-open Candlestick Park, and your mom.

your mom

The footage is excellent, too, at least compared to what's normally available to us from that period. Mays was 35 in 1966, and his 40-homer seasons were over, but he was still one of the best players in the game, and it's a treat to watch so much previously unseen footage of him.

In the future, I'll post something about an '83 Giants/Phillies game, or something, and it'll be fun for a little bit. This is different. Here's an hour on Willie Mays. This kind of demands your attention when you've got a little time.

Thanks to valued reader Richard for alerting me to this video's existence. The Internet continues to amaze.