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Giants sign Venezuelan catcher Ricardo Genoves for $550K

This was a long-expected move, even though it didn't end up being the biggest one of the day.

The Giants were supposed to take it easy on July 2, the biggest shopping day for international prospects, and their biggest move was supposed to be signing Venezuelan catcher Ricardo Genoves to a deal. Even though the Lucius Fox move got more headlines, the Giants still got their other target, too.

As for a video? Nope. If you speak Spanish, though, this scouting report will be of more use to you than it is to me after Google Translate.

Genovese is part of a family that breathes baseball. His brother Ernesto played for six seasons in the farm system as the Houston Astros catcher and first baseman, while his father, Joseph, was part of national teams in amateur baseball. He has a great physique for the position, good footwork and an excellent mechanical base to launch. His shots reach between 1.8 second and 1.9 seconds below the average (2.0), according to some reports.

"The arm is in the range of 55-60 (on the scale of the scouts). He has extensive experience in national and international tournaments. He's smart carrying the game. Always active behind the plate and above the pitchers when you consider that have been lost in its work plan, "said one scout.

His skills are not limited to good defense, and his bat is productive. It has capacity to make contact, with the possibility of developing strength, according to some experts.

His bonus is about the same as a third- or fourth-round pick, so those are the expectations you should probably have for him. That is, don't order the jersey yet. But we do know one thing: His only tweet, from three years ago, shows that he's already learned the most important rule of the Internet.

Never tweet.

Good man.