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Giants sign Everth Cabrera to minor league deal for some reason

The 2016 postseason hero will provide infield depth that the Giants don't appear to need.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Everth Cabrera, former Padres shortstop and Biogenesis bon vivant, has signed a minor-league deal with the Giants, according to Jon Heyman. This is an odd one.

Cabrera is a shortstop, and he used to be a pretty valuable one. In 2013, he made an All-Star team, finishing the season with a 113 OPS+, 37 steals in 49 attempts, and positive defensive value. After a performance-enhancing drug suspension, however, his performance cratered, and the Padres allowed him to become a free agent rather than pay him arbitration money. He hit .208/.250/.229 for the Orioles in 96 at-bats this year, leading to his release. And here we are.

On one hand, Cabrera's best season was about 700 days ago. There might be some talent in those bones. He's just 28, after all.

On the other hand, he's been arrested for domestic violence before, as well as driving while high and resisting arrest just this offseason. Oh.

Considering the Giants already have a fine backup shortstop in Ehire Adrianza and another one they're fond of for some reason (Joaquin Arias), I have no idea what this move means. Is someone hurt? Are the Giants hoarders? The Giants are probably hoarders.

Or maybe the Brandon Crawford-for-Matt Harvey rumors I've ... no, I've said too much. Wouldn't want to burn a source.

The trade season has been boring, but here's a move for you: The Giants signed a former PED user with a troubled legal history who was released because he's been one of the worst players in baseball over the last two seasons, and they did it even though his position is filled with long- and short-term solutions throughout the organizational depth chart.

Depth is depth, I guess. Welcome to Sacramento, Everth. Please don't leave the city limits.