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Buster Posey leaves game after taking ball off mask

Apart from the obvious horrors, the Giants are now in a pickle for Thursday.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Buster Posey took a foul ball off the mask in the fourth inning of Wednesday's game and was removed for Andrew Susac. The Giants confirmed that the foul ball was the reason he came out of the game.

The obvious concern right now is a possible concussion for Posey, but that's pure speculation, and the Giants might have taken Posey out as a purely precautionary measure. On the other hand, it's probably okay to run around and break things in your house, screaming and wailing the entire time.

A more immediate concern is that the Giants have a game to play in 15 hours, and they'll need a backup catcher. If Susac were to leave Thursday's game -- say, because of a foul-tip to the mask -- Joaquin Arias would be the emergency catcher, most likely. And while that's good for my business, it's not great for winning baseball games. Jackson Williams is playing in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Wednesday night, so he could ostensibly arrive in time for Thursday's game. There's even chatter about Eli Whiteside making a one-day return to action until Hector Sanchez could join the team.

The problem is that the 40-man roster is full, and the Giants would have to expose someone to waivers for a one-day emergency catcher. While it doesn't sound like a huge deal to lose someone like Juan Perez (or Brett Bochy!) to fill the spot for the day, the Giants aren't that deep in the outfield. They might need Perez at some point this year, after all.

Kiss your good luck charm and wish for the best. This is probably nothing, right? Just precautionary, right?


Edit: So far, so good.