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Chris Heston throws no-hitter

The first no-hitter in baseball this season comes from Chris Heston, and the Giants have thrown a no-hitter in four straight seasons.

Al Bello/Getty Images

For the fourth season in a row, a Giants pitcher has thrown a no-hitter. Welcome to the club, Chris Heston. That was marvelous.

Heston used 110 pitches to complete the no-hitter, striking out 11 without issuing a walk. He did hit three guys, and that was way more satisfying, but the Mets were unable to hit him. It was the first time since 1993 that the Mets have been no-hit.

Please note that Heston had two hits of his own, and also note that is very, very funny.

We've seen this version of Heston before, the super-sinking marvel with a sharp curveball who should have been a top-10 prospect for three years running, when he threw an otherworldly complete game against the Astros. We've also seen the other Heston, the one who can't bury the sinker, the one who leaves pitches up and makes the looming rotation decision easier.

This was the former. This was Chris Heston at his best. And that looming rotation decision is going to be amazing, but I do have a prediction on the matter: Heston just bought a month of rough starts. A game like that, combined with the complete game against the Astros, shows an upside to Heston that we weren't sure was there. Oh, it's there. He just might not be one of those back-o'-the-rotation starters that he was guaranteed to be.

He still could be. But did you watch that start? That was the start of someone who belongs. Did you see that sinker, that curve? Those pitches deserve to be annoying major league hitters for years. Congratulations, Chris Heston. And have another no-hitter, Giants.

Please check back for the unexpectedly annual tradition of "50 Awesome Things About that No-Hitter.