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MLB Draft 2015: Second day of the Giants draft

Welcome to the second day of the 2015 MLB Draft! There are still some All-Stars and possible Hall of Famers to be picked, so stay awake!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In rounds three through 10 of drafts over the past decade, the Giants picked up 50 percent of an infield. They hoarded the Brandon market and came out as champions on the other side.

So, yeah, you care about the second day of the draft. Here are the picks the Giants have today:

Third round: #95 overall
Fourth round: #124
Fifth round: #155
Sixth round: #185
Seventh round: #215
Eighth round: #245
Ninth round: #275
Tenth round: #305

Do you know who was once drafted #305? Casey Blake. He helped the Indians for years, and then he was traded for a player who is still helping the Indians.

I'll make this a living post throughout the day, adding scouting reports and grades and videos and tidbits like that. That'll avoid the new posts every five minutes, and it'll keep me sane. It'll also get some of those sweet, sweet pageviews because I encourage you to refresh the page early and often. Click on a few ads, too.

Third round: Jalen Miller, SS, Riverwood International Charter School (GA)

Miller was ranked #34 by Baseball America before the draft, #41 by, #43 by FanGraphs, and #51 by Keith Law. To get him at #95 suggests a ton of value, then. All that's left is to sign him.


Scouting reports! First from Baseball America:

He has good athleticism and plays the game easily. He earns praise for his makeup, intelligence and baseball instincts. Teams that view Miller as a shortstop will likely rate him as a first rounder.


He added weight over the summer and still projects to play short, but now has double digit homer power and the strength to make more consistent contact.

He's built like Brandon Phillips was when Phillips was a Georgia prepster drafted in the second round, and Miller should go in the same area this year. He projects as a similar offensive player to Phillips too. Miller has an efficient right-handed swing and though he's not big, he could generate 15-homer power thanks to his strong wrists.

And video:

He has 60-grade listening-to-Soundgarden-while-fielding potential, and I love that dinger with the other team razzing him.

Fourth round: Mac Marshall, LHP, Chipola JC

This is apparently the draft where the Giants go around and scoop up the players other teams couldn't sign. Fine by me. Marshall was one of the players hosed by the Astros/Brady Aiken scenario last year, and according to Baseball America, he's pretty much the same pitcher.

From Chris Crawford before the season:

Marshall doesn’t have electric stuff, sitting 88-92 mph with his fastball with the occasional 93, 94. His best pitch is his change, a pitch that he has excellent feel for and that’s difficult for hitters to pick up because of his excellent arm speed. Marshall also has a solid-average slider, and he commands all four pitches well from an easy to repeat delivery that doesn’t have much effort to it.

His BA scouting report is appealing, too:

His changeup is a plus offering with tremendous tumble and his curveball has above-average potential. He has an excellent feel for pitching and fills up the strike zone with his whole arsenal.

Gimme the changeup. Always and forever. Let the rest sort itself out.

Video from a couple years ago:

Warning: Someone actually says "Trying to stop cancer and stuff" at the very beginning of the video.

Fifth round: Ronnie Jebavy, OF, Middle Tennessee State

Sixth round: Steven Duggar, OF, Clemson

Seventh round: JOSE VIZCAINO, JR., 3B, Santa Clara

omg omg omg omg

Eighth round: Cory Taylor, RHP, Dallas Baptist University


Ninth round: David Graybill, RHP, Arizona State


Graybill has been drafted twice, and both times he elected to return to school. The 6-foot-4, 255-pounder was picked by the Dodgers in the 31st round of the 2012 Draft and again by the Yankees in the 32nd round a year ago. He returned to Arizona State University and made his first pitching appearance this year on March 22. Graybill went on to appear in nine games, including two starts, while recording a 4.32 ERA, nine strikeouts and nine walks in 8 1/3 innings.

Tenth round: Tyler Cyr, RHP, Embry-Riddle University