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MLB Draft 2015: Giants select Chris Shaw with 31st pick

The Giants turned Pablo Sandoval into Chris Shaw, a first baseman/outfielder out of Boston College.

With the 31st pick in the MLB Draft, the Giants selected Chris Shaw, an outfielder/first baseman from Boston College. Let's see if he played in the Cape Cod League and, oh, huh, turns out he did. This is our consolation for having to give up those sweet, sweet, lice-ridden panda hats. So look into my dying Tom Hanks eyes and listen to me, kid: Earn this.

Or, you know, play baseball and succeed at it. That would be delightful! The 21-year-old was ranked #45 in the Baseball America pre-draft rankings, and #58 according to ESPN's Keith Law. He missed some time this season with a broken bone in his hand. The best-case scenario: dingers. I like dingers.

Baseball America had this to say in his scouting report:

On the Cape, Shaw showed off his most impressive tool, his plus-plus lefthanded power, leading the league with eight homers. Shaw home runs became legendary, with reports of 450-foot bombs to dead center. Still, Shaw entered the spring with significant question marks on how much his hit tool would allow his power to play.

Chris Crawford of Baseball Prospectus wrote this in his draft book before the season:

Shaw has a swing that could allow him to hit for average, with solid balance and above- average bat speed through the zone. Expecting a high on base percentage is another story, as Shaw is very aggressive at the plate and doesn’t make pitchers work enough for someone with his power.

And, of course, the videos. It's almost as if this is following a format, but I would never ...

Do you like dingers? I like dingers. Welcome, Chris Shaw. Hit dingers for the San Francisco Giants.