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Casey McGehee recalled, Jean Machi put on DL

Has a player ever won Comeback Player of the Year in back-to-back seasons?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

And you thought the Casey McGehee Era was over. The Giants made a relatively unexpected move on Friday, bringing the embattled third baseman back up from Sacramento, and putting hella-embattled reliever Jean Machi on the disabled list with a right groin strain.

McGehee will be on the bench for now, but it's worth noting that Matt Duffy is three for his last 25, losing a cool 30 points in batting average over the last week. McGehee will get some starts, methinks, and soon.

How was McGehee doing in Sacramento? Glad you asked, because that's the happy part of the story. He was hitting .357/.391/.571 with two homers, three doubles, and zero double plays. Zero double plays!

Zero double plays

While it's only natural to pick on the new guy because he's the worst hitter on the team, if not the league, it's also fair to point out that he almost certainly isn't this bad, and we haven't seen the hot, streaking McGehee that can occasionally show up. That's the one who made the Marlins feel like they stumbled across buried treasure.

Also, I just wanted to put the phrase "hot, streaking McGehee" in your brain.

Machi was almost certainly the odd pitcher out in the bullpen, and considering he was out of options, he was probably going to be gone completely. The groin injury happened recently, so it's not like we've figured out why the forkball ain't forking for him these days. I'll put the odds of him coming back to the major league roster at 28 percent, and that seems high.

Welcome back, Casey. Feel better, Jean. Win a danged game, Giants.