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Brandon Crawford punched Matt Duffy in the privates at the White House

Unless it was Matt Cain! There's a controversy!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Cain was framed. If you search Twitter for "Matt Cain" and "Matt Duffy", you'll get a lot of people blaming Cain for the turkey tap.

Crawford looks to be past Duffy, leaving Cain as the likely culprit. Except! Look at the slight turn from Crawford and the movement of the shoulder. Then look at him giggle like a little boy, possibly a little boy who tapped his friend in the junk while waiting to be addressed by the President of the United States. He's guilty. Guilty!

Buster Posey couldn't believe it.


On one hand, this is proof that the Giants play loose and that they have good clubhouse chemistry. On the other hand, it's proof that it's funny when people get hit in the beans, and sometimes you can't just wait around for it.

Update: Oh, so we've got some turkey-tap truthers out there. And this is their evidence:

Crawford wouldn't have seen Cain do it! He was already past! I call shenanigans! Here's what happened before Duffy doubled over:


Duffy doesn't know, man. Crawford's playing the fool. Please return for updates as events warrant.