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The Giants visited the White House again, and we learned some things

Here are some of those things.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

The Giants went to the White House again, rolls eyes, and the President of the United States made a speech about them that included words like "Hunter Pence likes Godfather III" and "the Giants won the World Series three out of the last five years." Along the way, we learned a few things.

Here's what we learned from the Giants' visit to the White House:

No, seriously, Hunter Pence looks like this candleholder

Candle fixture stole my look! #WizardChic #LetsGetPresidential

A photo posted by Hunter Pence (@hunterpence) on

I don't know what my next screenplay is going to be about, but it's going to involve that candleholder and a stormy night.

Michael Morse dresses like Otter from Animal House

And he can pull it off, too. If I wore that jacket, people would keep knocking me over to have a picnic on me.

President Obama makes McKayla faces when he accepts gifts




The first two are from Getty photographer Win McNamee, which is the name of the man who lives in that room and takes pictures of all the champions who pass through the White House.

Jorge Costa won the fashion show

"And in the next scene, Batman rappelled through an opening in the roof and saved the President."

These are the incorrect fashion rankings

The correct fashion rankings are as follows:

5. Santiago Casilla


4. Gregor Blanco


3. Hunter Pence


2. Sergio Romo

1. George Kontos


I mean, he goes super fancy with the handkerchief/vest, and then, BAM, jeans. That's a bold move, and he nails it. Kontos was something like a 15 seed coming into the rankings. Cinderella story all the way.

Edit: Okay, so we got some JEANS TRUTHERS in the comments who claim those are very nice suit pants, not jeans. And on closer inspection ... okay, probably. Doesn't change the ranking.

Angel Pagan is literally Han Solo

Bill Hanstock and Clay Wendler came up with this a couple years ago:

angel solo

And this is from today:


Would Han Solo wear a tie to meet the President? No. We already know that.


Angel Pagan doesn't wear a tie to meet the President. The President wears a tie to meet with Angel Pagan.

Bruce Bochy also thought they were giving Obama a base-table

When they previewed the gifts, it looked like the Giants were giving away a base-table. What a neat idea!

And then Bochy said, "Here's your base-table, Mr. President."


"Aw, hell, this isn't a base-table."


"Here is your base, Mr. President."

The full video is here:

And if you're looking for Mr. McNamee's group shot, you can click this to enlarge:


The best part might be George Washington saying, "I PRESENT TO YOU ... ELI WHITESIDE." Unless he's looking at Dave Righetti's freedom tie.

The Giants went to the White House for the third time in five years. Thanks, Obama! No, seriously, thanks, that looked like a lot of fun.